Since 2003, our skilled team of craftsmen here at Patricia Bos Designs has been working together to develop hand-crafted, high-quality designs

In addition to her own designs, Patricia and her team have outsourced their design and production atelier & production to up-and-coming designers and established brands, both here on the island and worldwide.  

Our knowledge and expertise allows us to provide customers with a “complete package service,” from concept development to a final product. Suitable for start-up concept companies as well for those already established in the market.

We help breathe life into your creations by working intimately with you on product design, development, consulting and art direction.
We understand that an attention to detail and quality is key during this process.

We have various packages available when it comes to the development of your product and we are available to discuss any queries and requests. Our team is able to communicate with you in English, Dutch and Bahasa Indonesia.

Patricia Bos and her team are available as a flexible freelance design team for both short and long-term projects.

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“From concept to product.”
A design begins with an idea. You give us your idea and we will help you conceptualize your vision. We believe that every product has its own DNA, and we use our fourteen years of experience to help your idea realize its full potential—to produce and present a product true to that DNA.


Within this phase we will discuss your ideas with you in a consultancy meeting. We will discuss everything into details. Based on the results of this meeting we will create technical drawings and we source the needed materials to create the first prototype.


This phase is the physical development of the prototype. Using the technical drawings and color charts to guide us we make the patterns and produce a prototype. Including 1 revision.


In the final phase of the process we will bringing your design to life by developing the zero sample based on the prototype. This zero sample will be ready for production.


With a special talent in leather design and broad experience in designing and creating in Bali, Patricia has secured access to the finest and highest quality leathers. Here at Patricia Bos Design we have a variety of leathers and other high quality materials available. We work exclusively with highly skilled and experienced tailors who have a superior understanding of their craft. Our long standing relationship with these craftsmen makes the process of creation smooth, immediate and aligned, effectively maximizing your time spent working with us.


The costs to create a sample with the Patricia Bos Design team is USD $ 750 per sample.

This includes:
Initial consultation meeting with Patricia Bos
1x sketch and technical drawing
Pattern development and paper pattern
1x prototype made from synthetic sampling material – including 1 revision
1x final sample created with requested materials based on approved prototype and zero-sample

The price excludes:

Sourcing & buying of materials
All materials used in final sample
Shipping costs of sending prototypes and samples

Payment terms:

50% deposit before work commences and 50% payable before work on final samples starts. The final balance will include any shipping and material costs incurred during the sampling process.

Additional samples can be ordered before production of final sample and are charged at $350 per sample. After zero-sample we can give you can give you production costs.