Inspired by the launch of our new sterling silver jewelry collection, a Hint of Mint is a limited flash collection and a celebration of summer.
    The signature theme color is crisp and refreshing like a cold glass of ice tea with a Hint of Mint on a hot summer’s day.
    With a variety of items to pick from, a Hint of Mint encourages you to mix and match and make your summer outfits pop with a stunning dash of Mint !
    The entire collection is handmade from high quality soft sheep leather, renowned for its comfort and strength.
    For a fresh sophisticated look, accessorize your summer with a Hint of Mint !
    To maintain our high quality standards we produce in only small quantities.
    If your favorite Hint of Mint is out of stock do not worry, we will personally make it for you in our atelier. (Please allow for a 2 week turn around).