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  1. Early Access to New Releases: Provide subscribers with priority access to new designs or limited-edition releases before they are available to the general public.

  1. "Unveiling 'Myla': Your newest obsession in accessory elegance. Crafted fresh from our artisans' hands, she's a little eye candy bag that steals hearts."
  2. "Myla: Where style meets substance. Elevate your look with this truly unique and one-of-a-kind masterpiece, limitedly produced by our talented artisans."
  3. "Indulge in exclusivity with 'Myla'. Handcrafted with care in our atelier, each bag is a testament to craftsmanship and individuality."
  4. "Seize the spotlight with 'Myla' – your ticket to owning a piece of artisan luxury. Be among the first to own this limited edition designer bag."
  5. "Luxury in every stitch. 'Myla' is meticulously crafted from soft genuine leather, boasting a statement buckle and high-quality zipper for a touch of opulence."

6 "Sized to perfection. 'Myla' offers just enough room for your essentials – phone, lipstick, and all your favorite knick-knacks – ensuring you're always prepared for whatever the day holds."


Freshly made from our artisans . 


a new little eye candy bag  and we named her ‘Myla “ 

Truly stylish and eye catching …unique and one of a kind 


Limited produced in our atelier by our talented Artisans 




Be the first to get an opportunity to purchase these limited available  designer bag.









Unique leather soft genuine leather bag for on the town 


Handmade in our atelier in limited editions , 



"Meet MYLA: Your Chic Companion for Everyday Adventures!

Indulge in effortless style with MYLA, our petite Halfmoon shoulder bag designed to carry your essentials in elegance. Crafted meticulously in our atelier, each piece boasts exclusivity with limited availability.

The allure of MYLA lies in its fusion of sophistication and whimsy. Picture a soft sparkling leather body complemented by a black leather handle, culminating in a unique masterpiece. Not to miss is the signature buckle, adding a dash of character to your ensemble.

Whether it's your makeup, wallet, phone, or a couple of quirky trinkets, MYLA effortlessly accommodates your essentials. Elevate your everyday look with this small yet statement-making accessory.

Hurry, secure your MYLA before it disappears into the realm of coveted fashion finds!"


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